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Cute Teddy Bear for GO SMS Pro

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Cute Teddy Bear for GO SMS Pro Aplikasi

Cute Teddy Bear as texting theme

Theme with sweet teddy bear. This bear is different than other bears. Application is so cheerful and colorful. Our bear is a wizard in Red Нat with tassel and his wand is a great heart bigger than himself. Еach sms is in blue letters. Background text messages to rainbow. Еach text message has a golden ball. SMS window background is like a bubble. Еach window contains rainbow theme. The icons are yellow. Window to write a text message have yellow elements and theme of the teddy bear in a bubble. This lovely application can be yours for free. Sweet teddy bear can cheer up even the most sad people. For teddy bear sadness and depression never exist. There is a cure for every sorrow, just download our cute bear. Mission of our teddy bear is really serious, he must save humanity from destructive strength of sorrow. This bear usually was invisible, but it was accidentally captured in an image and the first time anyone can see how the wizard. Teddy Bear as a love Сupid shooting with bow charms people with his wand in the shape of a heart to restore the joy and colors of life. Bear of the village is a rainbow and the house is a cozy bubble and flies where sadly, so bear has a lot of work today.

This theme contains:
- cute Teddy Bear background wallpaper
- specially designed icons
Support - Themes For Droid:
If you need assist with our theme please contact with us on email: themes.for.droid@gmail.com
Our support works only in the Еnglish language. Please contact us in this language because we will solve your problem easier.

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