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Funny Face Maker Camera Magic

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Funny Face Maker Camera Magic Android APP

Create hilarious images and funny faces in an instant ? This is a tremendous app to create the craziest ever looking faces and morph yourself into an amusing character.

It is a augmented reality based application that uses face detection techniques to give entertaining and funny effects to your and your friends photo.

Funny Face Maker Camera Magic is a crazy free app who allows you to create your girlfriend, friends, relatives and co workers pictures with all new amazing effects, features add silly accessories! Change your face with funny face effects or you could decide to become romantic and create some nice love images to make your partner feel important. Just take a full-face photo through camera and start personalizing by adding accessories like:- hats, animated face of a boy, girls, faces of animal as tiger, monkey, pigs, horse to an image and enhance the hilarity of your Fun Face changer creations and here you'll get the eye catching and amazing feature to create Crazy and dreadful image effects thus by this innovative face sticker app, the sticker auto detect the face so there is no need of face swapping.

You can easily save your amazing created photo to your gallery and share it with your friends on Facebook ! Face changer is the photo editor app that puts hilarious photo mashing action right at your fingertips.
Lighten up your day or cheer up a grumpy friend with the hilarious Faces. It's easy to create funny pictures and animations.


* Auto face detection and one tap caricature creation.
* Realistic Face changing Objects.
* Easy and intuitive to use for funny faces.
* An innovative new recreational photo editing app.
* Create cool image effects, photo art and fun pictures

This is the fantastic and easiest time killer. This makes you and your friends laugh out aloud.
The images of actresses used are governed by wikipedia license.

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